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Fremantle Heritage Project | ‘Persistence of Vision’ (2015) Moores Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremantle.

Throughout 2014 and 2015 I was an AIR at the Moores building in Fremantle where I spent several weeks collecting photographic imagery and drawing on location in Freo’s historic West End. I was captivated by the blend of original architecture from the period of first settlement together with the adaptation of buildings to meet modern needs. This body or work aimed to blend elements of old and new to acknowledge the passage of time and development of the city. With many settlers arriving by ship, the suitcase theme refers to the journey of settlers who travelled by sea from England, Germany, Italy and other locations to start a new life in Australia in the 1800s.

This collection of images were created using photographic prints with a combination of painting and scratching back into the photo surface, allowing only some of the original photo to remain. In some cases this process was followed by digital image layering. All images are limited edition fine art reproductions on canvas and can be made to order.

For the exhibition essay by Dr Michelle Frantom, please click here.